For over 40 years, Ghurka has been built on the vision of uncompromising quality and timeless design.

From the everyday to the extraordinary, we believe in crafting the finest leather goods to equip your journey.

After all, it was the enduring quality of 75-year-old leather campaign gear that first inspired our founder, Marley Hodgson. This, however, was only the beginning of the story. Since that day, Ghurka’s underlying character has deepened, drawing not just from the gear itself but from who it belonged to: a commander from the Gurkha fighting force.

This legendary brigade is known throughout the world for their bravery, loyalty, and cheerful indifference to all difficulty. It is their spirit of quiet confidence and adventure that lies at the heart of Ghurka.

Today, Ghurka’s standards of quality are just as uncompromising as when the brand was founded. Every piece is created by artisans who have dedicated their lives to learning the art of making beautiful and practical leather goods. Through unparalleled craftsmanship, Ghurka is made to last.

Over the years, we’ve built long-standing relationships with our production partners, each one rooted in trust and a commitment to excellence. In fact, the Ghurka original collection is still crafted in the same factory in Norwalk, CT that produced the very first commercially available Ghurka product — the Express No. 2.

These artisans created many of the pieces that serve as the building blocks of our heritage, from the handcrafted goods made for President Ronald Reagan to the countless Examiner No. 5 briefcases carried by the who’s-who of Wall Street in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Around the world, you’ll find more skilled artisans that we are proud to call our production partners. In the hills of Florence, Italy, a number of women’s handbags and select silhouettes are woven together with our Ghurka heritage look. And in Ubrique, Spain, a town with hundreds of years of leather craftsmanship as its legacy, our wallets and other small leather goods come to life.

Where and how our products are made is an integral part of our heritage. Every piece in our collection is made to serve as your trusted companion through a lifetime of experiences.