Folding Snap Tray No. 58 | Vintage Walnut Leather



vintage walnut leather

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Rethink your bedside manner with the Folding Snap Tray No. 58. This leather tray snaps up quickly and easily, forming a perfect place to store your keys, spare change, jewelry, and other valuables. And when you're done using it, simply unsnap the corners and it flattens out so you can pack it away until next time. Whether you're at home or traveling, this snap tray is a must-have accessory for any well-organized person.
Details & Specifications
  • Snapped Dimensions: 6" (W) x 5" (H) x 1.75" (D)
  • Unsnap to pack flat
  • Corners snap together to form the tray

A touch of elegance and sophistication

The beauty of these accessories lies in their simplicity - the clean lines and minimalist designs allow the high-quality leather to speak for itself.