Complementary Styles in Your Material of Choice

With timeless styles and quality craftsmanship, our complementary styles make it easy to build a Ghurka collection that is uniquely yours. From wallets to bags and beyond, our product portfolio allows you to express your unique style while staying with your favorite material.

Vintage Chestnut

Our most popular vintage leather color, Vintage Chestnut. With 47 silhouettes available in Vintage Chestnut, this is our most robust collection. 

Vintage Black

Bold and timeless by nature, our Vintage Black collection is perfect for those who are looking for a statement piece in a timeless color. Runner-up to Vintage Chestnut, our Vintage Black collection contains 46 silhouettes. 

Vintage Tan

Our newest vintage leather offering. Inspired by our iconic smooth chestnut leather, Vintage Tan, speaks to our heritage roots while remaining effortlessly timeless.

Vintage Walnut

Introduced in 2022, with inspiration drawing from our smooth Walnut, Vintage Walnut gives you the color you love with a textured leather that will patina beautifully.   


Inspired by the durable fabric used by sail makers. Naturally a lighter weight carry, our iconic twills allow you to move quickly on your journeys. Pairs well with our vintage leathers.