Ghurka Icons

Express No.2

In 1975 Marley Hodgson designed and produced a set of six bags that would launch the Original Ghurka Collection. The Express was the first bag of this new Ghurka Collection. It as given the No.2 because the first official Ghurka bag Marley created was a “one of a kind” backpack for his young son.

The Ghurka Express is the quintessential Ghurka Bag and the cornerstone of the Original Ghurka Collection. Over fifty individual pieces of leather and fabric go into making the Express.

With its original design of numerous pockets, signature tab closures, zip compartments, the Original Ghurka Express established the standard for exceptional quality, craftsmanship and attention to details, setting in place what would become that timeless Ghurka style.

The Cavaliers I, II, III

The Cavalier travel bags (a group of three) were introduced into the Ghurka Collection in the late 1980s. They’re debut was indeed a hit, and have become the signature travel bags for Ghurka.

Which Cavalier is Right For You?

Cavalier I No. 96

Our most compact duffel, suitable for short duration trips. An efficient fold-end design provides added space for the trip home.

Cavalier II No. 97

With its classically handsome looks and expandable design, the Cavalier II is your trusty partner for everything from short business trips to weekend getaways.

Cavalier III No. 98

Still looking for something bigger? The largest duffel in the Ghurka lineup. Suitable for extended business trips or a week-long getaway.

Examiner No.5

The Examiner is truly the original Ghurka Business Bag. Marley Hodgson designed The Examiner as part of the first Ghurka Bags presented in 1975.

With its signature Ghurka double front pockets and defining style, The Examiner reflects a subtle spirit of adventure reflected in those early styles. This distinctively designed, multi-functional business bag is as popular today as it was nearly fifty years ago.

Needless to say, The Examiner has stood the test of time and is a Ghurka classic in every sense of the word.