Caring for Your Ghurka

Care Instructions by Material


We always recommend using our Ghurka Leather Care Formula to condition and clean your leather bag. For surface dirt, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. For minor scuffs, use Ghurka Leather Care Formula as a cleaner and conditioner. Apply a small amount onto a clean, dry cloth and rub gently into the leather, evenly coating a complete section or panel of the product in order to achieve a uniform result. When dry, gently buff the leather with a clean, dry cloth. Never machine wash. Do not leave the bag in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Ghurka twill can typically be cleaned with a mild solution of color-free laundry detergent and warm water. Mix one teaspoon of detergent to each pint of water. Dampen a clean white cloth with solution and blot the affected and surrounding area. Never scrub or brush a singular spot on your bag because this may cause irregular discoloring. It is always best to clean a complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance. All stains should be treated immediately. Never machine wash or dry-clean. Do not leave the bag in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Ghurka twill is water resistant.

Ghurka Leather Care can be used on the leather details of your twill bag. However, please take special care not to apply any care solution to the twill as this can cause discoloration.


The hardware on your bag was custom made of either solid brass or solid nickel metal, and was chosen to compliment the article of leather used for your bag. With use, both our brass and our nickel hardware will develop a more worn and understated look.  If you want to clean it or prefer a shiny appearance, please use a good quality polish, and take special care not to apply any to the twill or leather as this can cause discoloration.

Other Care Instructions

Leather Care Formula

Our specially formulated conditioner protects and preserves your Ghurka leather goods. Maintain your favorite designer leather carry-on bags, duffel bags, wallets, and other accessories regularly to ensure soft, supple leather for the lifetime of your Ghurka collection. Shop Leather Care Here

Typically, leather only needs treatment a couple of times each year. If you are an adventurer and your bag must last under the most extreme conditions, it is advisable to condition your bag three or four times each year. If your bag gets wet or rained on, always apply conditioner before allowing the bag to dry out.

Storing Your Ghurka

Each product comes with either a branded box, or a dust bag. To keep your bag in top condition, we strongly advise storing your product in the packaging it was received in when not in use.


Your Ghurka product is covered under warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. If you are outside of the warranty period and would like to get your bag repaired, we may be able to repair your item for a cost. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for more information. Warranty Policy Here

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