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Becoming a wholesale partner of Ghurka is the perfect way to bring your clients the classic sophistication and elevated style that symbolizes a life well lived. Our leather products are second-to-none and will provide a luxurious addition to your current portfolio.

Become a part of something special and experience the best in leather craftsmanship.

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Since 1975

At Ghurka, we view life as a never-ending series of journeys. Sometimes those journeys take us across time zones and continents; sometimes they simply take us across town. Regardless, each voyage marks us with its own indelible stamp, coloring our memories and sculpting our individual identities.

Ghurka Icons

Ghurka Icons are the epitome of a life well lived, with their timeless design and classic leather materials. These bags are more than just luxury accessories, they represent the appreciation for all aspects of life – big and small.