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Careers at Ghurka

Working at Ghurka is an opportunity to be part of a legacy of timeless style and craftsmanship.

At Ghurka, we pride ourselves on our luxurious and classic leather goods that have become iconic symbols of a life well lived. Our designs are enduring reflections of quality and sophistication, offering unique pieces with true character. Whether contributing to product design or sharing insights on strategically building the brand, Ghurka provides an unparalleled opportunity for honoring craftsmanship and creating a meaningful life-long career.

Join us in boldly expressing the elevated, aspirational lifestyle you know and love.

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About Ghurka

Our Mission

At Ghurka, we believe that a life well-lived is a journey taken every day. We offer timeless and classic leather goods to help elevate your experiences along the way. Our mission is to provide luxury that never fades or tarnishes, through handcrafted designs made with the finest quality materials. An endless pursuit of style and sophistication awaits, so let us help make this life-long journey one worth taking.

Our Purpose

The pursuit of a life well lived is at the core of our purpose. We strive to help everyone experience the luxurious lifetime investment of timeless, classic leather goods. From iconic travel designs to beloved everyday accessories, we take pride in every piece of precious leather we craft, knowing that it is as unique and individualized as the person it helps bring to life.

Our Vision

Our vision is steeped in timeless luxury, bringing classic and elevated pieces designed to last — pieces that tell a story of a life well lived. With high-quality leather constructed to produce a product even better than the original, our vision is to craft products that are sure to be a staple for every wardrobe for years to come: timeless luxury for life.