Glenn Pollack- CEO

Glenn has loved the Ghurka brand since discovering it in 1989. His very first Ghurka Ghurka bag was the Garrison Briefcase, in Chestnut- and his personal collection has since grown to nearly 50 pieces. Glenn is a world traveler, and pieces from his Ghurka collection have been to over 35 countries. "I've taken my Ghurkas everywhere," he said. "They're timeless, classic designs that get better with age."

As the CEO of Ghurka, Glenn has had a front-row seat to the brand's evolution. "We are proud of the products that Ghurka creates- and more importantly, we are proud of the domestic manufacturing we have sustained" he said. "Today, we have expanded our domestic manufacturing- and we can proudly say that 80% of the Ghurka portfolio is manufactured in the USA, and our leathers come from some of the best tanneries in the world."

Ghurka is sold worldwide, but Glenn's favorite part of the business is still hearing stories from customers about how Ghurka pieces have become part of their lives. "We recently had a customer write to us and say that his Ghurka duffle bag was the only piece of luggage he took on a life-changing trip around the world," Glenn said. "Stories like that are what make all the hard work worth it."

Discover a few of Glenn's current Ghurka favorites below.

A Few Stories from Glenn's Personal Collection

Vineyards in South Africa

When our tour guide in South Africa said he needed an everyday backpack, I knew the perfect one. The Explorer backpack is a heritage design from Ghurka and it is a timeless style--and exceptionally functional.

This picture is of our guide with his new Ghurka bag, and was taken in the beautiful South African Vineyard. Our guide looked so happy with his new bag, and I could tell he was really impressed with its quality.

I'm so glad our guide got to experience the quality and craftsmanship of Ghurka bags first-hand. I know he'll be using his Explorer backpack on all his future adventures!

Dinner In Honolulu

Always ready for adventure, the Ghurka belt bag can accompany you anywhere- from day to night.

After a long day of shopping and relaxing in Honolulu- my Ghurka belt bag came along to dinner, to sip mai tai's and enjoy the sunset.

The versatility of this bag is unmatched. It's truly the best bag to travel with. I slip this onto the strap of my Express No. 2 to hold my passport , tickets and wallet close while I'm at the airport. And once I reach my destination, this becomes my go-to crossbody bag, seamlessly taking me from day to night.

The Ghurka belt bag is the perfect accessory for any adventurer. Whether you're exploring a new city, hiking in the mountains, or spending the day at the beach, this bag will always be there to accompany you. It's versatile and stylish, perfect for both day and night. And it's also the perfect size to take with you on your travels. So whether you're jetting off to Europe or taking a weekend road trip, make sure to bring your Ghurka belt bag along for the ride!