Superior Craftmanship

The finest materials assembled by the world’s most talented hands create objects of beauty and function we are proud to call Ghurka. Starting with flawless hides tanned in a centuries-old French process, Ghurka craftsmen in the United States and Europe use brass hardware and handstitching to bring each piece to life.

The made-by-hand difference


We hand stitch every Ghurka product to ensure perfect stitch placement, hand tightening and the maximum possible number of stitches per inch. This means your Ghurka bag will perform better and last longer than any other – and look impeccable for as long as you own it.

We source artisans worldwide

Uncommon craftsmanship

Ghurka bags are designed in New York City, then crafted in the USA and in revered factories in Italy and Spain. We always use the finest artisans available to craft each style, resulting in bags and accessories of unrivaled beauty, refinement and durability.

Uncompromised Quality

Unmatched Attention to Detail

Our products are crafted with uncompromising quality. Every detail is thoughtful, intentional and consistent, and it is why our bags and accessories are as relevant today as they will be for decades to come. And that commitment to quality extends to our service as well, ensuring our customers always have an unparalleled experience.