One Collaboration, Two American Companies

Three timeless, classic tote bags.

These jointly designed Daily II totes seamlessly merge our two luxurious brands into something that celebrates the best of both of us.

Crafted from fine leather and handwoven fabrics, these totes represent the luxury standard that Ghurka and Anna Elisabeth are both known for.

American Luxury

Ghurka and Anna Elisabeth are two brands with a deep connection to American history.

Since the 1975, Ghurka has been carefully crafting leather goods of unparalleled quality using outstanding craftsmanship. Similarly, Anna Elisabeth has a legacy of supplying exquisite fabrics to help make a statement in both style and life.

By combining richness of heritage, timeless craftsmanship and style, this collaboration is the definition of luxury made in America.

About Ghurka

For nearly 50 years, the Ghurka brand has become an iconic symbol of a life well lived. Crafting more than just beautiful bags and accessories- our mission is to instill a lasting emotional connection between you and these timeless designs in order for them to accompany you through every chapter of life’s story.

We take pride in our attention to detail - each piece is artfully designed and our newest collaboration pieces with Anna Elisabeth are no different.

About Anna Elisabeth

Anna Elisabeth’s legacy lives on with her great-granddaughter Brooke as the fourth generation to lead a woman owned fabric company.

Our luxurious fabrics, thoughtfully selected and designed for imparting drama and style into your home décor offer you an opportunity to express yourself in sophisticated fashion - becoming the reflection of who you are: confident, beautiful & empowered!

It’s time to make a statement – let our fabrics take center stage.

Greenhouse Fabrics CEO on how she discovered Ghurka

Ghurka x Anna Elisabeth

"My dad has always been very invested in finding heirloom pieces. So, when he found Ghurka, his first bag was the express No.2. and he immediately bought six of them and gave them out to my siblings, myself, and my mother"

-Brooke Cornetet, CEO- Greenhouse Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric was a crucial part of creating these totes.

Every detail matters when crafting timeless bags.

Meet The Fabrics


Inspired By the Ghurka Clients - Harvest is a classic, timeless pattern that will last for seasons


The boldest of our collaboration fabrics, Tobacco reminds us to make a statement


At Ghurka, plaid is more than just a pattern; it's a symbol of heritage, tradition, and sophistication.

Ghurka x Anna Elisabeth

This limited-edition collaboration between Ghurka and Anna Elisabeth marks a truly unique moment in time.

A union that draws from centuries of craftsmanship and elegant styling. Every detail of this collection, from the exquisite materials chosen to the timeless design, speaks to a bold desire for uncompromising quality. Luxurious and effortless, it's our hope that this collection will inspire us all to be confident in our choices and to live boldly in an ever-changing world.