corporate Gifting

Ghurka Celebration

Elevate your corporate gifting with the all-new addressless gift-giving solution brought to you by Ghurka and Smartgift

A Gift Experience Your Recipients Won't Forget

The Gift Of Choice

Delight your recipients with the perfect gift by sending them a custom gift collection to choose from.

Highly Personalized

Recipients can easily specify their selected gift's color and size, or even regift it to a friend or family member.

Addressless Delivery

Our recipient-completed delivery address solution eliminates the need for fussy data gathering and management.

Empower Your Recipient

Eliminate the guesswork and give the gift of choice, delight your recipient with gifts that bring them value.

Supercharge Your Gifting

Level up your gifting game while simultaneously saving hours spent on overly complex spreadsheets. Just a list of recipient names and emails is all we need.

Engage Employees, Nurture Leads, and Delight Customers

✔ Grow your professional relationships with gifting.

✔ Create Future ROI with prospects and clients.

✔ Build loyalty with customers and employees.