Ghurka & Golf

Ghurka is excited to announce wholesale opportunities for Golf and Country Clubs.

Our curated collections are designed with the opulent needs of your club in mind. For more information, reach out to one of our dedicated Client Care Experts.

Ghurka's signature style, quality craftsmanship and enduring designs have been part of the iconic Country Club lifestyle for nearly 50 years.

With an unwavering dedication to hand-crafted bags that pay homage to traditional techniques while embracing modern flair, Ghurka creates masterpieces tailored perfectly for a timeless take on luxury living.

Ghurka is synonymous with timeless luxury, the perfect companion for golf clubs. Crafted from leather of the highest quality and designed to last a lifetime, Ghurka provides a classic look while offering superior function. A Ghurka bag not only looks perfectly refined, but serves as a reminder of the life well lived.

With Ghurka's signature leather material, you can play your favorite game in luxurious style. Inevitably leading to greater success on the course and beyond.

In The Press

When it comes to style and substance, nothing beats the classics. And there are few things that embody this sentiment better than Ghurka’s leather goods and the country club lifestyle.