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Corporate Gifting

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the act of sending an employee, prospect, or client a physical token of appreciation to create or strengthen the connection between the recipient and the company. Ghurka gifts are classic and functional, rich in heritage, and will be treasured for years to come.

Why is corporate gifting important?

The goal of corporate gifting is to forge a bond between the gift recipient and the business or brand. As office environments have evolved and often face-to-face meetings are limited, giving corporate gifts is a great method to increase engagement among potential customers, increase employee morale or recognize the contributions of an individual or team.

What is the best way to contact Ghurka for corporate gifting?

The best way to contact Ghurka for corporate gifting is Here. This link will connect you via email and phone with our Corporate Gifting Specialist.

How far in advance do I need to place an order for corporate gifting?

This depends on the order quantity and level of customization. For product in stock, and without customization, orders can be processed within four business days. Customized orders can be accomodated in as little as two weeks.

What is the minimum order for corporate gifting?

The minimum order for customized corporate gifting is 10 units. Larger volume quantities can be produced with longer lead times depending on product availability.  

What is the Ghurka corporate gifting process?

First, the perspective customers will consult with a Ghurka gifting specialist. The specialist will gather the budget parameters, timeline, and goals for the gifting occasion. Then, our Ghurka gifting specialist will verify the objectives, and communicate any challenges. An assortment or mock-up design will be proposed along with an estimated pricing quote. After the order is approved and payment processed, our specialist will ensure your products are delivered seamlessly.

How do I personalize my corporate gifts?

Share your vision and select the size, shape, color, lining, stitching, hardware finish, and accent straps and add your own corporate logo for an unforgettable gifting experience.

What are some of the most popular corporate gifts from Ghurka?

The top five most popular gifts.

1. Cavalier II

2. Wine Pairing Single and Double

3. Pouch II

4.  Express No. 2

5. Holdall

Can I see a catalog of Ghurka corporate gifts?

View our Corporate Catalog HERE.

Does Ghurka offer guest experiences for conferences and events?

Let us create a pop-up shop curated specifically for your event. We will showcase a collection of merchandise and have knowledgeable representatives there to assist. Products will be delivered to the recipient’s preferred address once the redemption period finalizes.

Does Ghurka offer incentive and milestone recognition programs?

Yes, Ghurka offers incentive and milestone recognition programs through our New Ghurka Celebration tool. Complimentary to utilize with your account, build your internal reward benefits program by adding anniversaries, birthdays, and more for automatic email gift distribution.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, we offer a corporate discount starting at 15%. Pricing will vary based on the product and is subject to limitations.

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