Best Sellers

It's no secret that when it comes to best selling leather accessories, Travel Bags, and more, Ghurka has been the go-to for luxury leather since 1975. Their handcrafted products remain as timeless pieces that are made with quality materials in order to ensure they stand the test of time. Whether shopping for a classic travel bag or a sleek crossbody, the best of the best is sure to be found in their collection of high-end handmade leather goods. With several bestsellers ranging from briefcases to wallets, Ghurka offers something for everyone - ensuring satisfaction year after year.

Choosing the perfect silhouettes for your adventures is a key factor in having an enjoyable trip. Our best selling leather duffels are designed and crafted with precision, taking any and all concerns away so you can have the best of experiences while travelling. Our most popular silhouette is the Cavalier, which comes in various sizes to suit your needs. The Cavalier II is perfect for a carry on and the Cavalier III allows you to bring along everything you need for extended trips comfortably. For formal travels or occasions, our Packet allows you to safely and securely pack a suit.