Pouch II No. 64 | Vintage Tan - Racquet Orange


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A new take on a Ghurka favorite, we have collaborated with Racquet Magazine to bring you this limited edition Pouch II No. 64.

The Pouch II  No. 64 is a sophisticated and stylish way to organize your belongings. This high-quality pouch is perfect for holding your daily essentials, with a sleek design that will make you look great no matter where you go. The Pouch II No. 64 is our medium pouch, ensuring a perfect fit for all of your essentials.

Ghurka Craftsmanship

The finest materials assembled by the world’s most talented hands create objects of beauty and function we are proud to call Ghurka. Starting with flawless hides tanned in a centuries-old French process, Ghurka craftsmen in the United States and Europe use brass hardware and hand stitching to bring each piece to life.