Ghurka Guarantee

Our Guarantee Starts Your Journey

We believe that owning a Ghurka should be special – to us, that means that you love your Ghurka from the start, and that it serves you well for many years. Our Ghurka Guarantee covers both.


45 Day Journey Guarantee

Experience the joy of owning Ghurka. If it’s just not the right fit for you, send it back for a refund or exchange within 45 days from the purchase. A few important details:

  • Shipping Costs. Any shipping costs incurred above our standard free domestic ground shipping are non-refundable.
  • Two Weeks. Once a return label is sent, it expires in 14 days, so don’t wait too long to send something back.
  • Store That Box! Send back your product the way it came: dust bag, box, and all. This is the best way to store your Ghurka long-term anyways, so make sure you hold on to these pieces for the first 45 days at least to ensure you love your purchase.
  • Keep It Beautiful. If there’s a chance you might return it, you need to keep it looking new. Please think twice before jamming it into that already-too-full overhead compartment on your next flight.
  • Your Initials? It’s Yours. Personalized products cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • We Love a Good Gift. Gift cards (or products purchased with them) are non-refundable, but the product can always be exchanged.
  • SALE ITEMS. Sometimes, we run really great deals to clean up inventory. These are marked as Final Sale, so be sure to enjoy your deal, as you cannot return or exchange those products.

    If you would like to process a return, please contact customer service at: 1-833-782-6062 or

    Product Lifetime Journey Guarantee

    For the lifetime of your Ghurka product, we will cover the repair or replacement (in our discretion) of any manufacturing defect in materials and workmanship. Please keep in mind that your lifetime is different than the product lifetime (though we know many Ghurka owners who have had the joy of passing on their Ghurka to the next generation). The product lifetime ends when, through normal use (wear and tear), your Ghurka can no longer function in its intended purpose.

    What doesn’t our Guarantee cover? Good question. Basically, we do not cover old age or misuse. A few examples would be:

    • Thread and worn stitching from opening and closing your wallet a thousand times
    • Modified products
    • Misuse. Think:
      • A rivet popping off from being a bag being shoved into spaces too small (our CEO speaks from experience…)
      • Washing your bag in the washing machine. Just don’t do it!
      • Leaving your leather bag out somewhere where Fido mistakes it for a new toy
      • Accidents. They happen, like a bag slipping out of the trunk on the freeway and being run-over by several semis (oh, it has happened). 

    Our Leather

    A special note on our leather. We use full-grain hides that are designed and tanned with the goal of lasting well past a product’s normal lifetime. It will weather and patina and change colors. This is meant to happen and part of being a natural product. But overtime, just like anything else, well-loved leather does wear out.

    For Warranty claims, please go HERE.