Corkscrew & Case No. 245 | Vintage Black Leather



Unveil a timeless piece of craftsmanship with the Ghurka Juniper Wood Corkscrew, designed in collaboration with professional sommeliers for your premium wine-opening experience. Perfect for entertaining, each 5” closed corkscrew is crafted from juniper wood and showcases the iconic bee featured on all of Laguiole’s high-end cutlery. The unique grain of each handle ensures that each one stands out from the next. Complete with an elegant vintage chestnut leather carrying case, no matter where you uncork your favorite vintage, you can do it with assurance and class. With its striking design, unparalleled quality, and luxury know-how, open bottles confidently with the Ghurka Juniper Wood Corkscrew.

Details & Specifications
  • 5" Closed
  • Made by Laguiole
  • Includes Chestnut Leather Carrying Case

Ghurka Craftsmanship

The finest materials assembled by the world’s most talented hands create objects of beauty and function we are proud to call Ghurka. Starting with flawless hides tanned in a centuries-old French process, Ghurka craftsmen in the United States and Europe use brass hardware and hand stitching to bring each piece to life.